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A Tale of Two Lives

Dear Friend,

On a recent business trip I found myself sitting next to old friends who happened to be taking the same flight home. They hadn't seen each other since graduation twenty years before.

At first I paid little attention to their conversation, but as they began to fill each other in on the past two decades, I couldn't help but notice how different their stories were.

Michael was an honest and hard-working man who, it turns out, was constantly fighting to get ahead. He was clearly a good person, yet he was also terribly unfulfilled at work, unhappy with the way he looked and felt, and struggling financially to keep his head above water.

He felt trapped in a hopeless situation, and he wasn't unlike many of the individuals I meet: hard-working souls trying to do right but never managing to get ahead or really enjoy life.

John, who shared Michael's background, education, and desires for the future, told a different story. His life was one of satisfaction and fulfillment; he was sincerely happy with the present and visibly excited about the years to come.

John was passionate about his career, in perfect health, and surrounded by a rich social life and loving family. As far as money was concerned, it wasn't a concern.

There beside me, in G27 and G28, sat two men who began life on the same road but now found themselves at opposite ends.

And despite everything involved, the stark contrast between these two men came down to just one, fundamental difference.

While Michael tried hard all his life, John discovered how to shift the balance.

Has This Myth Fooled You?

Set goals, work hard, and never give up - this has long been the suggested recipe for experiencing happiness and success.

And it's absolutely wrong.

Millions of honest, hard-working men and women just like you are trapped in dead-end jobs, sinking into debt, struggling to improve their health, lonely and disconnected, and unhappy with how their lives have turned out.

Many others are satisfied in general but still unfulfilled in particular areas.

So while goals, hard work, and perseverance certainly help, they're clearly not enough. Something is missing.

It's not luck, nor is it talent or personal worth that you're lacking. No, the real reason you struggle to change your life or achieve your goals has nothing to do with who you are but instead with what you know.

If your life isn't everything you want it to be, it's because you haven't learned how to do just one thing.

The True Key to Change & Achievement

Those who live life on their terms - the Johns of the world - all share a quality.

No matter who they are, no matter what they want, it's their ability to act - not merely think - that guarantees success.

Self-compelled action is their secret.

Take weight loss for example. The major hurdle isn't figuring out what to do; that's never been the mystery. The problem, as you know, is getting yourself to do what needs to be done.

If you could get yourself to eat only healthy, nutritious foods while following a rigorous exercise program every day, there is no doubt that you would eventually lose the weight.

The same is true of everything you want. If you could somehow trigger immediate, consistent, and massive action toward the things you were after, you would succeed every time.

You would learn what you didn't know, overcome every fear and failure, and refuse to quit until you found a way.

But there's just one problem.

Getting yourself to act may be the key, but it's also one of the most difficult things anyone can attempt.

With fear, doubt, procrastination, habit, and countless other obstacles fighting against you, it can be nearly impossible.

At least that's what I thought until I discovered the secret.

How the Secret was Discovered

Understanding human behavior has been a near obsession for as long as I can remember. It seems from birth there has been a deeply rooted desire to figure out why I did the things I did and how to change those patterns of thought and action.

This preoccupation made its mark early on, leading me to one of the top universities in the nation to study the behavior of customers in the marketplace.

After receiving my degree at the Grainger School of Business, however, I realized I needed to broaden my focus.

I wanted to do more than analyze the behavior of customers; I wanted to understand and help change the behavior of all people.

Using my experience at Grainger as a foundation, I set out to answer the real questions that had been on my mind since the beginning.

And after seven years of dissecting the patterns that led to action, I had my answer. I isolated the precise formula to triggering immediate, consistent, and massive action at will.

I discovered a series of simple steps that, when followed, drove me to do whatever I chose as my focus. Even things I constantly put off or was afraid to do just days before. The steps were quick, easy, and worked every single time.

Before revealing what I had discovered, however, I wanted to test the formula on long-term goals, not just daily actions. I chose my health and my career as the guinea pigs.

What happened next changed the course of my life.

I plugged two goals (to overhaul my diet and earn a promotion at work) into the sequence and, like flipping a switch, I was immediately compelled to make them happen.

It felt as though I was possessed by an energy and force that feared nothing, ready and willing to do whatever it took to move forward and succeed.

I did things I would never have dreamed of before. I carried out changes in my behavior and lifestyle that once seemed impossible.

In a single day I completely revamped my eating and exercise habits, never once returning to old ways - in one day. And in less than two years I advanced from an entry-level position at work to president of the entire company.

It wasn't willpower. It wasn't self-discipline. It was simply a matter of tapping into the control center of my behavior.

By isolating the psychological sequence that triggers action, I discovered how to compel myself toward my goals and dreams with more drive and dedication than ever before.

I consider it life's greatest skill - the ability to trigger personal action - and I can teach you exactly how to do it.

What Shifting the Balance Will Do for You

In just seven days, Shifting the Balance will teach you how to change and achieve anything you choose as your target. As you develop this life-changing ability, you'll discover...

The single most important ingredient of change. (Overlooked by nearly all who attempt to improve.)

Two qualities your goals must possess. If they lack just one, triggering action becomes impossible.

The two most powerful incentives in life. Every goal has at least ten of these triggers within it, but unlocking them requires a very simple, yet precise, sequence.

How to overcome once and for all the fear of failure with two tricks of the mind.

The actual reasons you don't have everything you want (there are only two) and how to remove them from your life today.

Four techniques to supercharge your motivation. After using just one, you'll be compelled to act the moment your goals come to mind.

The simple truth in life that only the greatest of successes accept and embrace. (The rest avoid it at all costs.)

Six of the most common traps of procrastination and how to permanently remove them from your patterns of thought.

How to quickly detect and eliminate the most unexpected and self-sabotaging of fears. (It could actually be causing your struggles to change without you even knowing it.)

The two-step secret relied on by super-achievers to summon unstoppable confidence in their abilities.

Four techniques to uncover dozens of compelling incentives hidden within every one of your goals. (Including one method that is guaranteed to reveal the motivator that drives you more than any other.)

The three most common mistakes people commit when attempting to change or eliminate negative habits.

How to take complete control of the most powerful influence in your life. (When left uncontrolled, it can literally erase any chances of success in minutes.)

Five simple steps to overcoming even the most devastating of failures - a series of principles worth the price of the entire program.

The one person to contact that will make changing your life happen in half the time and with half the effort.

How to experience the life you've always wanted to live - not through positive thinking or wishing and waiting, but through the proven principles of science and psychology.

Along with much, much more...

With Shifting the Balance, you'll have the ability to do what others only dream about.

Where everyone else wishes for career success, you'll be the one who triggers the drive required to earn the promotion or even launch your own company.

Where everyone else wishes they could increase the quantity and quality of their relationships, you'll be the one who reaches out to others with comfort, confidence, and charisma.

Where everyone else wishes for better health, you'll be the one who makes the necessary changes to improve your lifestyle and prolong your life.

Where everyone else wishes they could create personal wealth, you'll be the one who taps into a limitless source of action to earn and save more than you ever dreamed of.

Where everyone else wishes for an incredible life, you'll be the one who has the ability to become and experience anything you choose.

Bringing It to the Masses

After perfecting the system outlined within Shifting the Balance, we taught the program through our personal coaching services. Our fees ranged from $249 to $695 per package.

Fortunately, you won't have to invest $649 or even $249 to experience the results of our clients.

To make this life-changing skill available to as many people as possible, the entire program has been compiled into an in-depth, comprehensive audio course.

Delivered through six and a half hours of high-quality audio on seven compact discs, Shifting the Balance will share with you the identical program taught to our personal clients.

Not a single piece of material has been left out.

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Better-Than-100% Lifetime Guarantee

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"...a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind program."

"Shifting the Balance is a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind program. I've never encountered such a powerful and practical program of self-transformation and it's been a very exciting and inspiring experience for me.

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The Shifting the Balance Package

Your copy of Shifting the Balance will include everything you need to discover, develop, and perfect life's greatest skill. With the combination of resources outlined below, you'll find every step of the program easy to understand and even easier to apply.

1. Seven Compact Discs
The primary portion of Shifting the Balance is delivered over ten short segments on seven compact discs, with a total of nearly seven hours of audio.

With the convenience of CDs, you'll be able to complete the course while driving to work, relaxing at home, or even jogging around the block.

2. Eco-Friendly Companion Guide
Audio isn't the only training tool, however. Also included with your program is an eighth and final disc, which contains the Shifting the Balance Companion Guide.

Full of exercises, activities, and illustrations, this 188-page study guide will not only complete your understanding of each step in the program but also give you the opportunity to immediately begin using life's greatest skill to change your life and achieve your most important goals.

3. Eco-Friendly Audio Transcript
Also included on this final disc is a written transcript of each CD in your course. With a 115-page manual of the entire program, you'll be able to quickly review sections of interest as well as work your way through the program when away from a stereo or CD player.

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Which Type are You?

There are two types of people who will read these words. The first type will close this page and continue their search for the "magic pill" that will solve all their problems while they sleep. Unfortunately, they'll never find that pill. Instead, they'll merely find more of the same.

They'll continue to struggle, continue to fall short of their goals, and continue to live frustrated and unfulfilled.

And then there is the second type.

A select few will read these words and understand the truth. They'll understand that changing your life and achieving your goals isn't about leaping from one solution to the next; it's about finding a proven method and then following its program and principles.

The question is: which type are you?

Are you going to stick with the majority and continue wishing for more while never actually changing or achieving anything? Or are you going to rise above that crowd and join those rare few who experience life on an entirely different level?

The right choice is clear. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to discover the skill that will show you a proven system to create the life you want to live.

You know what lies ahead if you continue down the same road. If you decide to unlock the power of life's greatest skill, on the other hand, there's no telling how far you'll go.

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My Best,

Jason M. Gracia

Founder & President
VantagePoint Motivation Services, Inc.

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